Days and nights in life of Hotelier

Their job isn’t just easy. Sacrifice is the synonyms of their job. Got to be in the place 30 minutes or more before shift, and tap out an hour or more after the 8-10 hour work. 30 minutes meal break, one day off in a week, no holidays, shifting schedules that destroys body clock.


Cleaning other peoples shit. Hearing guests’ dilemma. Saying sorry for the inconvenience that sometimes out of their control anymore. Accepting faults that are out of their handle.

Enduring sleepless nights.

Their everyday meet ups with the guests and colleagues is their social life.

Away from loved ones.

No family time.

Hoteliers are the true Superstars. The great actors and actresses.

“Good day Ms./Mr.” hides sadness.

Sickness turn to “My pleasure to assist you.”

Smiles conceal aching body and feet.

Whatever negative will it be, they’re still serving with glee.

Sometimes, appreciated. Most of the times, humiliated and taken for granted.


Either what treatment guests give, they provide quality service that sometimes none of it the guest deserves.

Sometimes, lean. Most of the times, busy bee.

There is  no certainty of routine in their job in a day or night. Situation change in every seconds of the life.

Those were the days and nights of a Hotelier.